Cabinetsnmore can design and build a custom wine cellar of your dreams.  Our experienced team can assist you in creating a design within your space and budget, as well as choose the right equipment and wine racks for your wine collection. You can convert a closet, basement or any room to a wine storage room. There are several guidelines that need to be followed through the construction process that will allow your wine to be stored in a safe environment.

Wine bottles need to be stored on their sides. If they are stored upright for a prolonged period of time, the corks will dry out and air will eventually get to the wine and spoil it. Wine storage temperature should be maintained at 54˚F . At 75°F, or wine will start to oxidize. Letting the temperature drop below 54°F won’t hurt the wine,  it will only slow down the aging process.  The temperature should never fluctuate more than 3°F especially with red wine. Keeping the humidity at 70°F will also keep the corks from drying out. Try to not to move your wine once it is stored. We also recommend installing an alarm system on larger storage units. The alarm can be tied into you existing alarm so if their is a fluctuation in temperature or your refrigeration unit is not functioning properly you can be notified.

Many types of  storage racking are available. The combination of columns and diamond racking is a desired look for many, but if you are going to store wine in cases you can use case shelving.

With so many decisions to be made let cabinetsnmore guide you from design to installation.